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Ever dreamed of seeing your book published in another country? Well, this is it! You’ve found the right place! 

Velvet Story is opened for submissions for all fiction manuscripts. We love and are interested in anything that is particular or which will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. 

As a small, sprouting publishing house, we are planning on working side by side with you, instead of being added to a slush pile for publication. The terms of your contract will be negotiated directly with you. With us, you won’t be ‘one size fits all’. You will have more control and will be involved in anything that has to do with your product. Finally, we accept authors who are just beginning their journey into the literary world and who don’t necessarily have an already established substantial public profile. 

Please read the following submission guidelines carefully. We will not take into consideration nor review any submissions that do not follow these guidelines. Regardless of  the number of submissions, we ask you to be patient, as we will try to respond to every individual submission. If we take an interest in your work, you will be contacted as soon as possible and receive further instructions. 

As we are very attentive and precise, we do need you to understand that the time for our response can vary from 30 to 60 days. 


  • Include a synopsis of your manuscript
  • Include any prior publications, marketing campaigns or media information
  • Include contact information and phone number
  • We accept PDF or WORD files ONLY
  • Subject of email should include: Title, Genre and your pen name (or real name, it’s up to you! )  eg.: The Bridge, Fantasy, Dillan Roy

Please send us your submissions to the e-mail address below: 

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